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Karnevals Ansingen

What exactly is happening there?

Everything originated in 2015 at the counter in Basil's, the # 1 scene pub / bar in Nippes, out of a beer idea, how so many wonderful ideas at any counters spring.
Of course, we did not reinvent the wheel, but at least we did it a bit rounder :-)
There are no winners or losers at this evening, this makes the evening relaxed and you can concentrate fully on the celebration.

The success speaks for itself:

In recent years, all locations were sold out, the demand huge and the mood was so incredible that more and more locations want to participate in the carnival singing.

The process of the evening is quite simple:

    At the entrance you get a sing-along list with the choruses of the 9-12 best (which can be found to be no easy task), promising, most beautiful and perhaps most iconic new songs of the session that can also be pub-suited.

    Then we start the evening relaxed and sing to the warm-up 2-3 classic so that the voice is oiled. Yeah !!!

    Then go to the preserves.

    We start with the Ansingerei and sing the first 2 songs, then a real classic, then again 2 new songs, classics, etc. This lifts the mood extremely in the air.

    If we have sung all new songs through we are still not sounding at the end.

    Now there is no stopping and we sing from there without lyrics everything the Kölsche Hätz desires from Bläck Fööss to Querbeat. Everybody knows everybody likes to sing.

    In most cases there will be party afterwards in the location

The end of the song: Everyone goes home with a smile, what could be better.

The fact is: A live evening gives audience closeness, variety, flexibility and real Kölsches Kneipenfeeling.

All in all a huge LIVE party with a lot of humor and great songs.

Just come over ....... that rocks !!!!!

Your Mathias