A man, a chair, a guitar ...


As an entertainer with enormous enthusiasm, Mathias Nelles manages to bridge the gap between Rock Classics of the 50s and 90s, Irish Folk, German Rock / Pop, 70s hits and Kölsch Songs (the traditional Cologne dialect).

"To sing only Kölsch is to me and my audience too monotonous, this would limit me musically too much," says the native Cologner, who regularly makes his performances into a public event.


"However, Kölsch is also my native language and therefore hard to imagine that my repertoire would exist without it"


Whether in bars, on a Cologne singing evening together with many local hymns, street parties, in Irish pubs, international festivals, an Open Air and countless private Events, Mathias Nelles ignites  roaring musically fireworks in which his audience is always in the center of the action.


"How do I inspire my audience?

With a great deal of passion, instinct for the right songs at the right time, a lot of humor and a big pinch of cheekiness."



Mathias Nelles, Musician