Just me ...


I was born as a cheerful Aquarius, in February, a classic carnival child of Cologne. Growing up in the most beautiful district of Cologne: In Müngersdorf, directly at the forest, tram 2 steps away and the cologne stadium within reach. My parents had a restaurant, so food was secured. A dream.

Although the stadium was virtually in spit reach, my parents preferred the sports choice in the adjacent hockey club Rot-Weiß Cologne. I had virtually no choice in sports, hockey was made for me, I loved the sport and I still do.

So, for the first time, I came into contact with a longer wooden game machine that I could use to conjure, in this case, there were still goals.

Incidentally, I was also, without being asked, at the piano lessons of the great old lady of Cologne piano, Mrs. Zimmermann, registered to be in there the secrets of the piano playing inaugurated. Ok, that did not work out so well. Was just boring for a bubbly young guy at the time. I was more interested in the songs of the 1980s and still are today.

And exactly the 80s led me then for the first time wanted actively together with the music. In the early years I was allowed to sing in the church choir of St. Vitalis in Müngersdorf, due to the vocal break only a short career. But I continued to sing in the shower every day, yeah!

The first DJ attempts in the 80s were successful, I had almost the beat in my hands and legs.

The DJ career was quickly put back on ice as there were still other interesting things to experience such as the first own trips with mates, every weekend party on the Cologne wrestling, our hockey team played some years very successfully and rose to several leagues, there was an education to deny and pass, the first great love came and went ...... well, and then came IBIZA, but that was just the beginning of a whole new phase of life that would change my life and irrevocably change my mind ,

As an entertainer for 3 years in one of the most famous youth vacation clubs in Europe, it was impossible not to be in the focus of this job. Pure party on Europe's party island No. 1. Long days, long nights and damned little sleep, but the best time of my life.

Once every two weeks I had my own live music show in front of about 1000 guests. Damn good training not only to sing songs, but also to interact professionally with a large audience and entertain it, maybe even make it laugh.

A really great time that not only changed my life fundamentally, but also laid the foundation for my live program today.

Well, today it looks like I am more in demand as a professional musician than ever before - you could not anticipate in advance - great thing if the hobby becomes a profession and you still have so much fun after so many years of his hobby.